Famous Blue Diamonds

Table of Famous or Large Diamonds

Weight Name Colour Shape
140.50 Regent Faint Blue Cushion
135.92 Queen of Holland D* Cushion
45.52 Hope Blue Cushion
35.56 Wittelsbach Blue Old Mine
35.27 Sultan of Morocco Greyish Blue Cushion / Round?
30.82 Blue Heart (previously Eugenie Blue) Blue Heart
27.64 Heart of Eternity Blue Heart
25 Transvaal Blue Blue Pear
14 Blue Empress Blue Pear
8.28 Chard Blue Blue (Enhanced) Octagon
D* = The Queen of Holland is usually noted as being blue, but according to Ryan Thompson,
it is actually D colour, it is possible that it has some blue fluorescence.


More Information
Our thanks go to Ryan Thompson for providing a number of corrections and additions to our original table. You may wish to take a look at his site www.famousdiamonds.tripod.com. You may notice it's very rare for us to place a link on our site to external sites, so this link is indeed a compliment to Ryan.

The Chard Blue Diamond


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