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Second Hand Opal Dress Ring
Second Hand Opal Dress Ring

Opal is a paradoxical gemstone, and one of the most fascinating. It is a form of quartz, but is not a form of quartz. Quartz is very common, yet has many rare and precious gem varieties. Opal itself has numerous varieties. It is the most colourful gemstone, but some forms are colourless. It can be very bright and beautiful, and it can be dull and dead. It is best known for its flashes of colour, but some varieties have no flashes of colour, and are still opals. It can be black, and it can be white. Its best known attribute, the brilliant flashes of many colours, are not called opalescence, but irridescence. Some people think opal is unlucky, but it is one of the most valuable and desirable of gems.

Second Hand Opal Dress Ring
Unusually for us this ring is not one of our own designs, we have bought it in on the secondary market.

This ring features an oval opal claw set on a bi-colour band. The opal measures 13mm x 11mm and we have calculated it to be approximately 4.90ct. We think this particular opal is a fine example of a high quality opal. It has lots of fiery reds and greens in it making it a very attractive gemstone.

The shank is in 18ct yellow gold with 18ct white gold shoulders. The total weight of the ring is 6.1g.

Because this is not one of our own designs we would struggle to make if you like it you had better be quick because when it's gone, it's gone!

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